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Social Media: Importance Of Being On Social Media

Social media is like our family member. We share our idea and memories to other. It helps us to do the thing which is not possible at all. Social media can make it worst and best at a times. It depends on the user how the user uses it? Suppose you have a knife and you can kill someone and make a delicious dish and savour that.

So social media can make the difference. The story of Facebook is to meet our friends that we can't. It may be that old school friend or anyone that you want to meet but you can't. It also helps us to get in touch with people and share our ideas.

Nowadays people using this as a business tool. A guy in Maharashtra started FB page and after sometimes he got advertisements and he built his house and did his sister’s marriage. So the guy with nothing now earns well and his life depends upon social media.

Recently I found a page where people post begging children pictures on that page and then parents of that children may found their child which was kidnapped. This also helps people to share their problem with the leader and this is helping them to tackle the problem and now they get direct access to their leader or MP’s sitting back relax in their home.

With this, we can meet new people. We can share our view and creativity. We can be friends with any person from any country and get to know their culture and life. These expanded the horizon of our friends and relations. Here you can find anyone you like and start a conversation that you may frighten to start as virtual gives you a chance to think and express your ideas or any person and contact them get into touch.

Celebrity shares their views and meets their fans.  Many superstars now having a conversation with their fans. No doubt social media helps us but the how the user used it? that defines it.
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